Selling Your Piano? modern pianos wanted

Is your piano taking up much-needed space? Is it neglected by teens who no longer practice? Are you looking to 'upgrade'?We are interested in purchasing pianos from 1970s onwards.Whatever the reason for selling your piano, we're always interested in buying  Modern pianos Upright and Grand

To speed up the process of buying your piano could supply the following information.     
Please email to.
  • Please send similar photos as the 6 shown below 
  • What make is your piano?
  • How soon do you need the piano moved?
  • Is the piano on ground floor with easy access,any steps?
  • Where did you buy the piano from?
  • When did you buy the piano ?
  • We'll need your contact details and the postcode location of the piano.
  • How much are you selling the piano for ?
  • Please photograph any scratches and gouges, marks on the piano?                                                              
  • Please see videos below,of how to remove panels on an upright & Grand piano

  • Modern pianos wanted 
  • Modern grand pianos wanted
  • Modern upright pianos wanted