Selling Your Piano?

Is your piano taking up much-needed space? Is it neglected by teens who no longer practice? Are you looking to 'upgrade'?

Whatever the reason for selling your piano, we're always interested in buying overstrung upright pianos particulary the modern style, as shown in the photos below. We are also interested in buying grand pianos.
We look forward to finding out more about your piano 
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To speed up the process of buying your piano it would help if you could supply us with the following information, please see video below of how to remove panels on an upright piano, and the fall off of a grand piano:

  • We need the following photographs - (please see example pictures below) ***
  • What make is your piano?
  • How soon do you need the piano moved?
  • Is the piano on ground floor with easy access?
  • Where did you buy the piano from?
  • We'll need your contact details and the area location of your piano.
  • How much are you selling the piano for ?

We are particualy interested in modern style pianos. We do however buy occasional older style pianos, but that is only normally if it is a Bechstein or Bluthner etc, unless the piano is in exceptional condition.