Antique Bechstein upright piano for sale

Antique Bechstein upright piano for sale

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H: 50" (127 cm)D: 23.2" (58.9 cm)L: 57.5" (146.1 cm)


This piano has just been moved from our workshop to the shop for regulation and  piano Tuning
Bechstein upright 1892/1893 in floral Rosewood case, a lovely example of a Victorian piano, by the world famous Bechstein brand.

The piano has had lots of work done on the piano action (internal mechanism) before we acquired it
 the extra refurbishment has been completed by us..., including better ivory key tops (see pic)
and beeswax of the case by hand to obtain a patina of the Rosewood case, with the addition of candle sconces to further enhance the pianos historic character