RITMULLER 118 Classic New piano for sale (more stock January)

RITMULLER 118 Classic New piano for sale (more stock January)

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H: 46.5" (118.1 cm)D: 23.6" (59.9 cm)L: 58.3" (148.1 cm)


BRAND NEW PIANO (more stock soon)
The Classic 118 piano has a rich tone
and has been Rittmullers best selling piano for many years and it comes with a soft-close fall & 5 year guarantee 
*Free piano stool 

*Free 1st TUNING

Woods used in Ritmuller pianos are selected from high-grade spruce, maple and walnut sources. The treble and bass soundboard bridges and pin block are made from Maple wood. World famous designers have developed the bevelled soundboards made of narrow grained, high quality northern spruce. These woods make for a good quality instrument.

Ritmuller pianos use German piano wire for the finest sound wave generation which gives a clear tone and tuning stability.

Pearl River use cut-thread tuning pins, a superior method to "stamping" the thread. These cut-thread tuning pins provide more precision and control to the technician, allowing for a better and longer lasting tuning.

The action is built with advanced engineering and precise design in one of the world's largest factories providing a durable mechanism with great playability.

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