Hailun 121 New upright piano for sale

Hailun 121 New upright piano for sale

Code: H121

Dimensions:W: 59.5" (151.1 cm)H: 48" (121.9 cm)D: 24" (61 cm)

£3,495.00 £3,899.00 (see options below) RRP £3,899.00

LAST ONE AT THIS low PRICE,  New Price now £3899
Zimmermann pianos, one of C Bechstein's brands, made in the Hailun factory. Feurich pianos are also made in the same factory      
The HAILUN H121 Has a clear tone, exceptional piano for the price.  Its compact size makes it perfect for any living space. This instrument will easily guide any musician through their grades and beyond, providing the perfect acoustic opportunity for anyone looking to master the piano. Sturdy build quality, and a great trust in the craftsmanship that has shaped all of their instruments has resulted in the HAILUN pianos being the only maker we offer with a  5-year guarantee from new. FEATURES: HAILUN Performance Plus Design Action, German hammers, Slow-release fall, twin-wheeled castors, back post supports 

FREE care kit included polish, cloth, key cover, castor cups.

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