HAILUN 120J Chrome, NEW piano for sale

HAILUN 120J Chrome, NEW piano for sale

Code: 120J


H: 47.3" (120.1 cm)D: 23" (58.4 cm)L: 59.5" (151.1 cm)

Reduced £3,395.00 Free Stool, Free 1st Tuning. RRP £3,895.00

BRAND NEW PIANO r.p. £3895

was £3695 now £3395 small scratch
3 pedal version (practise pedal)
HAILUN 120J chrome fittings  
Very similar to the Feurich badged piano, which is also made in the Hailun factory.
but considerably cheaper in price.
The HU 120J home studio piano has all the features of institutional upright piano.
Rich colourful tone with a Full bass and clear treble
+ you also get
The HAILUN piano care kit, (please see photo)
*Free piano stool 
*Free 1st TUNING 
*5 year Guarantee